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The Three Bears’ Christmas

The Three Bears’ Christmas

written by: Dianne Moritz


The night before Christmas, we bears got ready.
I made some meatballs, while Ma boiled spaghetti.

Three stockings were pinned to the mantle with flair,
Waiting for Santa to fill them up there.

As three of us trimmed our tall Christmas tree,
We danced and we sang and giggled with glee.

While cookies were cooling on the kitchen shelves,
Ma put a snack out for Santa and elves.

Soon baby was tucked in, snug in his bed,
As visions of fish sticks danced through his head.

Ma pulled on her nightie, I kicked off my shoes,
Then we settled in for a winter night snooze.

When outside our den I heard a loud ruckus….
I tumbled from bed to check out the rumpus.

Away to the window I stumbled so slowly,
Grumbling at the racket rumbling below me.

Thick icicles glistened, shiny and bright,
I felt quite grateful to be indoors tonight.

When what to my puffed, bleary eyes did appear,
But a giant sleigh, with eight fluffy reindeer…

And one furry driver with shaggy, brown hair,
I knew in an instant it must be St. Bear.

More quickly than bunnies those reindeer they came.
He gave a sharp whistle and called them by name.

“Now, Muffy! Now, Buffy! Now, Tuffy and Trudy!
On, Rolly! On, Polly! On, Snickers and Rudy!

To the top of the hill! Look out for the trees!
Land on a snowdrift, and carefully, please!”

So right to our bear den the reindeer they flew,
With a sleigh full of gifts and Santa Bear, too.

And then, in a flash, I saw in the snow,
Reindeer alighting, Santa shouting, “Bravo!”

I smiled to myself and was turning around…
As he hurried in with a hop, skip and bound!

Snow dotted his fur from his head to his paws,
And a few chunks of ice clung to his jaws.

A sack full of toys he had slung his back,
He resembled a hiker with a back-pack.

His eyes- how they gleamed, so cheery, so merry!
His fur was soaked. His nose? A strawberry!

His enormous mouth was turned up in a grin,
With ice dripping down and dampening his chin.

A striped candy cane he held clenched in his teeth.
He tossed off his hat. He was bald underneath!

He had a kind face and a pot-belly,
That growled so loudly, I gave him some jelly.

He was cuddly and plump, a big teddy bear.
I laughed as he stood there, right there in my lair!

A wave of his paw and a wink of his eye,
I soon realized he was a good guy.

He gave me a nod, but made nary a noise.
Our stockings soon bulged with presents and toys.

He slapped on his hat and smiled once again.
We bear-hugged goodbye. He skipped out the den.

He leaped in his sleigh, then called to his team.
They quickly flew off, led by Rudy’s light beam!

Then I heard him shout out, his voice gruff and deep,
“Merry Christmas, three bears! Enjoy winter’s sleep!”

Our Christmas morning dawned sunny and bright.
We found… a puppy! It was love at first sight!

We dashed out to play and tromp in the snow,
Then munched Christmas brunch near our fire’s warm glow.

We had a day filled with love and good cheer.
We didn’t mind napping throughout the New Year!!

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