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Just Being Alone

written by: Teresa Joseph Franklin



It is such a wondrous feeling
This entire wide expanse
The oceans, the seas
Oh such a feeling to be free
Cooped up, shut up
No more a prisoner of their emotions
Their actions
Their blackmails
An end of an era
An end of an eon
Oh this is the best to be alone
But not alone
You are here, you are there
You are everywhere
You’re by my side
And here in my heart where you reside
Watching, guarding, protecting
I hear your gentle whisper
Softly, gently
Telling me, showing me
“That all is well”
“The path is clear my dear”
My quiet, silent Angel
With all your unconditional love
How blessed, lucky that makes me feel

Teresa Joseph Franklin

Teresa Joseph Franklin

A little bit about me, I’m a mum to three grown up sons, who have all flown the nest. And also in 2013 I completed my University studies with the Open University here in the UK, attaining the level of Business Studies, who says we seniors cannot keep up with the younger generation?
I have only been writing poetry since February 2012 and feel as though I am still a newbie on the block as the saying goes. And it all started with being in a poetry group on social media, reading other poets works, and that is when I tried my hand at it and found that since then I have not stopped.
It was with a huge honor and privilege when I was asked to become an International Poetry Judge, judging poets from across the globe and their works, in poetry competitions, this role and position I do take seriously. And love what I do.
Also I have quite a few published eBooks, and paperback editions on Amazon.com and paperback editions are published through CreateSpace.com. Some of the titles include ‘Sunburst and Flames’ ‘Simply Magical’ and ‘Pure Essence Within’
Teresa Joseph Franklin

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