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Lend Me Your Net

Lend Me Your Net

written by: Kingsley C. Odum

@Kingsley odum


Along the stream path
His heart pants as he walks
Fear of disappointment clouds his mind
This is an opportunity of a life time
Who will lend me his net?

Standing by the shore
Everyone complained of the peculiar
Look of the sky this evening.
Only those with old skill and experience
Knew that in a night like this
Fortunes are gotten with ease
Searching through the crowd, if only
I could find one who will lend me his net.

Please sir, lend me your net?
Son, bother yourself not
These days the fishes are on holiday
Go home in a more favourable day you come
Kneeling, this is a heart plea
Lend me your net?

Walks afar off, another fisherman
Mending his net
Please sir, lend me your net?
Son, fishes are hard to catch these days
I advice you go home
NO! I have a fortune to catch tonight
Please lend me your net

If only these people could read the time
A night like this, is always a FESTIVAL OF FISHES
my grandpa taught me this sign
Saying; it comes once in a blue moon
The fishes will be having a dance
And who so meet them with good net
Catches fishes with gold in their belly
If I will find who will lend me his net

The fishermen all refused him
Disappointed by this, he walked
The lonely stream path, crying
Lo! An old man, depressed by
The scarcity of fishes in the River;
I drop this career never to fish again
But my problem is who to give this net

Who will I give this net?
He said aloud…
Unknown to him this lad
Was sitting by the road side
Give it to me! In a rush
What? Fishing doesn’t pay
I have done it for a life time;
Allow me to worry old man
Just give me the net

The moon was already full
The dance have already started
On getting to the bank,
Hurriedly surveyed the river
Having found a good standing point
Stood he head long to the full moon
And his net he did cast

A single throw
He caught a net full of golden fishes
So much, his began to tear
This was an opportunity he has waited for
His joy knew no bound
I have caught a fortune of a life time

Going home with a bag
Of golden fishes,
Lo! He saw the carcass of
The man who gave him his net;
If you waited a while
You would’ve had a fortune from me
This net I borrowed was all I needed this day
To change my fortune.

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