Oceanic Mistress, poetry by Stephen Ferrett at Spillwords.com
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Oceanic Mistress

Oceanic Mistress

written by: Stephen Ferrett


Oceanic Mistress
You are enticing, you are alluring
You are my mistress
I walk your soft shores today, feeling your calmness and serenity
You gently caress me with the lapping of your warm waves
I am at one with you, and one with nature

But I am wary and respectful of your unbridled power, so easily unleashed
Dare to venture into misguided waters and your hidden, dark and menacing tide, could rip me and drag me beneath.
Suffering Poseidon’s fury, smashed into the dark abyss

This is your world, your domain since time immemorial
Neither conquered or controlled by any force or entity
You give life and nurture existence, but spare no grace when you take them away

It’s Man’s greatest folly thinking we can subdue you
You are the one who has tamed us, and, in the passing of a heartbeat, our co-existence will end forever
Humanity will disappear, yet the all-powerful oceanic mistress and her tidal beauty will remain,

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