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Say You Still Care

Say You Still Care

written by: Benedict Hurley



Sitting in the dark, my heart’s beating fast
I can’t believe the question you just asked
I can’t believe the words echoing in my head
“Do you still care”, is that really what you said

We’ve been together for so many years
We’ve shared laughter and we shared tears
We’ve watched our children grow into adulthood
“Do I still care?” Didn’t you know I always would?

I wonder what I’ve done to make you feel this way
Why would you ask if I still cared about our life
I can’t think of any reason why you would feel this way
“Say you still care?” Yes I still care like it’s our first day

How can I show you, what words can I use?
I’ve always done all I can to show you all my heart
I’d go to the ends of the earth for you to show you how I care
Ask me for anything, there is nothing I won’t do

“Say you still care, tell me you want me here”
Those words are ringing in my head
Yes I still care for you and I always will
So take my hand and we will love again as we always have

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