Someday Somewhere, poem by Princess Lubna at
Paul Zoetemeijer

Someday Somewhere

Someday Somewhere

written by: Princess Lubna



When the days had become weeks, I lost count
And the months turned into long stretched years
So many, several agonizing moments spent
Waiting with me, were my close companions
Who never left my side, loyalty at the core
The moon stayed just below the azure sky
The soulful stars remained constant, in the milky way
The darkest dark nights, fawning till dawn
My face, receives the first sunshine rays
The raindrops fell on my closed eyes
Hiding away my tears from the world
We all are waiting, for you my love
Someday, somewhere we’ll meet in faraway lands
Rejoicing our union, situated beyond the horizon
In solitude, away from the deep prying eyes

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