When We Lose Someone, a poem by Laura Hughes at Spillwords.com
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When We Lose Someone

When We Lose Someone

written by: Laura Hughes



When we lose someone we truly love,
we turn and ask the Lord above.
Why? What did they happen to do?
They were always so good and true.
We never really receive a reply,
to our question of why they die.
So that just leaves us with goodbye,
and that’s what really makes us cry.
Our what ifs are all that are left,
which leaves us feeling more bereft.

It’s even more painful losing someone,
when their life had never really begun.
Days before my heart was flying,
and now I find out that my baby is dying.
Deep inside of me her life is fleeting,
when I knew I’d just heard her heart beating
inside of my womb, inside me.
How could this even come to be?
I had so many plans in place,
like the day I’d be able to see her face.

I then asked God, what did I do?
Did I in some way defy you?
Is this some way to punish me,
when I have tried to obey thee?
You then begin to feel you’re cursed.
Every day will seem to be rehearsed.
Then comes the final judgement day,
and the pain will never go away.
Seeing others with their own kids,
makes me wonder what I did?

I think that I would have provided
her with love until it was decided
by God for her to go, unknown,
up to heaven all on her own.
Without my love to cherish her,
so now my future is in a blur.
All I can do is deal and cope,
and to try to never lose my hope
of seeing my daughter some day,
when my life is slipping away.

No one can really understand,
how life can end and begin again.
When before, I was so torn apart,
and living with my broken heart,
but soon it got easier to live.
I knew that I had more love to give.
I realized that the more I prayed,
my story could then be conveyed
of my love, peace and understanding
of why life can be so demanding.

God makes it easier to deal.
He gives us love that helps us heal,
from the pain of our broken heart
that had helped tear our lives apart.
Death may be a part of our lives,
but our faith helps us to survive
whatever pain may come our way
and can keep our sorrows at bay.
So when we lose someone we love,
we always look to the Lord above.

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