Sooner, a poem by Meg Barwick at
Shvets Production



written by: Meg Barwick


You can tell me anything
Nothing I wouldn’t humour,
But I hate to sound right-wing –
These thoughts could be a tumour.
Hysterically inclined –
Your emotions are lunar;
See it could be in your mind –
Still, you should’ve said so sooner.

Well I’m sure no harm was done –
Only locker-room humour;
Don’t you have a sense of fun?
Who likes a doom-and-gloomer?
It was not much of a touch,
He’s not much of a groomer;
But if it hurt you so much
then you should have said so sooner.

Do you think it was your clothes?
Boys are boys, and so are men.
Not surprised from what you chose,
(Clear you think that you’re a ten)
Just look what you’re reflecting –
Be more careful in the future,
What else were you expecting?
You could have said “no” sooner.

My goodness, don’t you tire
Being an importuner –
I’m sure you’re not a liar,
But yes, I’m an impugner.
Some girls like to pretend
And circulate a rumour,
But I still can’t comprehend
why you never said so sooner.

Won’t listen when you’re shouting!
Your mouth runs like a sewer
No wonder folks are doubting
what’s behind this manoeuvre.
But go ahead and riot –
While we think of you crueller,
Funny you kept this quiet –
Strange you never said so sooner.

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