Walking Home, a poem by Meg Barwick at Spillwords.com
Nik Shuliahin

Walking Home

Walking Home

written by: Meg Barwick


She was walking home and so am I
A scurry through No-Woman’s-Land
From lamp to post, our keys in hand;
First home wins, so another will die.

She was wearing clothes and so am I
And both have skin and are in a race,
If I make it home then I’m home safe
So another woman takes my place.

She was close to home and so am I
But even there the dark can hide
Things that pounce on wayward women
Who have the nerve to step outside.

She’s named tomorrow when they write
Of what the consequence can be
For walking home so late at night;
I’m walking home, and so was she.



For Sarah, Sabina, Bibaa, Nicole, Ashling, Zara, Bobbi-Anne, and the more to follow.

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