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Visible the signs
in the fatal path of lightning
and we silent witnesses, unworthy

The red mark on the chest
the red sign of love
years are rewarded and always win

And that her tenderness
for the wounded, the aggrieved
and the poor of the world win

It looks like a mystery of one
fragile existence that listens
the song from the sirens of a world
where he desperately asks
small drops of happiness and consolation

Always with the simple smile
on the edge of the lips with the shadow
a sweet Virgin Mary and the vastness
a compassionate heart

Oh! what goodness, what debt
in inhospitable
desperate desolate frozen times

Kapardeli Eftichia

Kapardeli Eftichia

Kapardeli Eftichia has a Doctorate from ARTS AND CULTURE WORLD ACADEMY. She lives in Patras. She writes poetry, stories, short stories, hai-ku, essays. She studied journalism AKEM. Ηas many awards in national competitions. Her work is in many national and international anthologies. Has a section at the University of Cyprus. Is a member of the world poets society. Is a member of the IWA (international writers and artists association) chaired by Teresinka Pereira. Is a member of the POETAS DEL MUNDO.
Kapardeli Eftichia

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