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Tango Lessons

written by: Kenneth Salzmann


Step slow slow quick quick
through a lifetime
of swivels and turns
and graceful cortés.

Embrace your partner
as you wished to embrace
life itself, wrapping your arms
around a space between
the firm grasp of certainty
and the loose elegance
of letting go.
Step slow slow
quick quick
slow toward
the final tanda.

Death—the poet of love said
edging unto the dance floor—
comes in a dream
wears a miniskirt
and teaches the dying
to tango.

Kenneth Salzmann

Kenneth Salzmann

Kenneth Salzmann lives in the mountains of central Mexico. He is the author of The Last Jazz Fan and Other Poems and co-editor of the anthologies What Remains: The Many Ways We Say Goodbye and the forthcoming What But the Music.
Kenneth Salzmann

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