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Life's Verse #1


written by: Adam Wessel


Life Verse at  Spillwords.com

Her fire did expire

Turning smoke and ashes now

Reborn a phoenix

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Adam Wessel

Adam Wessel

My name is Adam Wessel, I am 31 years of age and am currently living in a small town in Indiana. I grew up in the city of Phoenix in Arizona however. A child of divorce and have a long lost half sister, I have yet to meet.
I've been writing poetry and attempts at fiction since I was sixteen. I dropped out of high school that same year and immediately earned my GED with dreams of going to college early. However life had other plans. I ended up a drug addict and then later developing a mental illness. I have both under control now.
This is a dream of mine to be a published and working writer. I am currently an English Major enrolled in University of Phoenix online. I have no accolades to my name but am hoping to reach for the top and never stop on these dreams.
Adam Wessel

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