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Like A Sunbeam of Ride

Like A Sunbeam of Ride

written by: Walid Boureghda


Run your eyes over mine,
Fix them on my eyesight!
Leave them relish the shrine,
And touch this carnal light.

In the sense of my soul,
You shall praise my desire;
In the lithe slew of all,
You shall see me on fire.

I’ll spray your lust with heat,
And I’ll chant you my words;
You’re my sole devotion beat
Of a great song from birds.

In a jovial madness,
You shall exude passion;
In some waves of gladness,
That’s ahead of fashion.

Burn me with your desire;
Let me feel your hot night.
Sing my name in your choir;
Streak me with your sunlight.

Like a sunbeam of ride,
My whoops of joy betide.

Walid Boureghda

Walid Boureghda

Walid Boureghda is a 41-year-old Algerian poet, working as an Administrative Executive at Sonatrach-ENI Group. He holds a B.A degree in the English Language and Literature from the University of BATNA in Algeria. He draws inspiration for his poetry from his unceasing love of his beloved wife. He also writes about spreading peace over the world and dispelling hatred and bigotry.
Walid Boureghda

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