Little Sweet Nothings Un Deux Trois by Alyssa Gwen at

Little Sweet Nothings Un Deux Trois

Little Sweet Nothings Un Deux Trois

written by: Alyssa Gwen



You said you love it
so I fill our cupboard with
your favourite food every day

Same restaurant
we went 3 times a week
you named it
our dining hall
to comfort your choosy taste buds

Not sleepy yet? you asked
why? I said
in a city
where the night never ends
that’s a waste.



This poem is composed of three little poems.
Those little somethings or short dialogues between lovers are so unimportant that I can only name them: un, deux, trois.

Hope every one enjoys reading it.

Alyssa Gwen

Alyssa Gwen

No complicated or difficult vocabulary in my works, but the feelings are real.
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Alyssa Gwen

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