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Lost And Found

Lost And Found

written by: Godfrey Holy


I want to be lost,
to be found then forgotten
in a bin
like a thirst unquenched.
To cry like the wind
and not be heard
as I tumble the thoughts
of the wicked.
To fill with chills
the ills of the sun
whose warmth I detest.
To floss her pagan thrills
from her yellow teeth.

Rouse and douse me
in fire and iodine.
make my pain die unmourned.
Bathe me in daylight,
rinse the darkness
through my lungs.
Make my tongue tell of
unswept corners,
of filthy cul-de-sacs;
evil abodes
where quilted hate
wallows In cushioned minds.

Cry me a rainbow
and color my hurt
in shades of lost and found.
Pain that lies in repose
comfortably in my heart.
Never alive, never leaving.
A constant ache of unsullied
worries packaged in today’s

Render me empty,
of all known and felt.
Rid me of every thought
and memory.
To find the void where
it all began.
My future pain deserves a
better home.
A better hive to brew
her painful honey.
To die and be reborn.
To be lost.
To be found.

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