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Love Me

written by: Sandy Rochelle


Love me without question or apprehension.
Do not doubt or question my silence.
Without fear or judgment love me.
If I walk on my hands and knees love me.
If a shadow covers my face love me.
If my smile fades love me.
If it seems that I no longer love you love me.
If I confuse you love me.
If I disappoint you love me.
If all that is expected of me falls away love me.
As I will always love you.

Sandy Rochelle

Sandy Rochelle

Sandy Rochelle is an award winning poet-actress and filmmaker. Many of her poems have been influenced by her son, David, who is autistic and deaf. She is the recipient of the Autism Society of America's Literary Achievement Award, The World Peace Prayer Society Poetry Prize. She was named: New York State: ''Mother of the Year.'' Publications include: Visions International, Ekphrastic Review, Formidable Woman, Connecticut River Review, Writing in a Woman's Voice and others.
Sandy Rochelle

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