We Must Share, a poem written by Dragonsilk at Spillwords.com

We Must Share

We Must Share

written by: Dragonsilk



We share the same sky, you and I.
Watching the clouds sail by, shadows on a sea blue sky high above.
An endless voyage of discovery.

We’ll walk together you and I
Across crackle crisp grass frosted and web jewelled.
The icy taste of winter on our breath.

We’ll sit awhile you and I.
Watch spring unfurl, a primrose uncurl and turn to face the day.
A robin sings of sun to come.

We’ll swim together you and I.
Dance in soft sun on a sandy shore where gulls soar and waves roar.
Summer sparkles on a silky sea.

We’ll run together you and I.
Through drifts of leaves in wooded vales puddled with autumnal sun.
In the hedgerows berried treasures glow.

We’ll share the same life you and I.
Seasons turn and years burn, etching memories on our souls.
And laughter ripples in our hearts.

We’ll grow old together you and I.
We care and share, silences grow, endlessly talking, easily at ease.
Where did the years go.

We share this world you and I.
Imperfect as we are we must be aware, nurture, take a stand for nature.
For this, the world we share..

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