Butterflies Drink Blood, by Doran Blake Hutchinson at Spillwords.com

Butterflies Drink Blood

Butterflies Drink Blood

written by: Doran Blake Hutchinson


scantily clad
those emotions
sending my endeavors
as resonance
they were memories
that painted me
as a distant whisper
escaping with me
into this secret journey

further into the heart
deeper than sin
passed those
lilac red meadows
hidden on the wind

further and further into love
beyond sundry moons den
over softness in smiles
and cloverleaf grins

passed the muses
that play with our time
way outside the cradles
that covet our sky

abounding with magic over heavens gate
scants of laughter on the vestal plain
escaping this vessel that shelters our pain

never once was there silence
always staring, always nearing
closer to the laughter
of the designers
closer to the rivers
in my mystic dreams
flowing down shivers
of celestial sea

here symbols are language
that dream night and day
and sonic the laughter
in eyes where we play
our skies are within
and love is aloud
butterflies drink blood
in shrouded white clouds

as I look around we are all as one
whimsically intrinsic, finitely infinite
beautiful soul
looking out
as the flower unfolds
into glass shattered tears
as love rinses us
never wondering
just knowing
we’re here

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