Traffic Snarl, a poem written by VANDANA KUMAR at

Traffic Snarl

Traffic Snarl

written by: VANDANA KUMAR


There are things
Not meant to be done at leisure
In a city
Throbbing with urgency

A glance discreet
At the rare view mirror
A busy intersection
Time enough to touch up the rouge
To text a lover

The city hides its secrets well
And couples check into hotels
Regularly at fixed times
Under fancy names

That unwilling plump customer
The salesman doing an overkill
Wanting to push in that last sale
Before its shutters down
In some business or the other

And the classy women headed home
An hour ago on social media
Writing sympathetically were seen
Raised eyebrows giving them away
Passing by the seamier districts
Asking chauffeurs to roll up the windows
Looking the other way

And they reach home fatigued
Shopping list accomplished
Smug in their belief
That the husbands never take ‘those kind’ of detours

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