I Try a Little Harder, poetry by Vandana Kumar at Spillwords.com
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I Try a Little Harder

I Try a Little Harder

written by: Vandana Kumar


They tell me that my poems are dark
That they talk excessively of dystopian seasons
They charitably give me new deadlines
“Try something cheerful,” I am told

I write new stories now
In broad daylight
Lest I be accused of the presence of some more night
In my written word

The sun is out
Bright and stinging
Just like it always does
Once the rains cease
Children can now go out to play
They choose to remain indoors

I look vacantly out of the window
A mosquito bites my neck
Reaffirming that men do that job
Infinitely better

I can still see a ghost
Dent the empty clothesline…

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