The Trouble With Cats, a poem written by Sharon Waller Knutson at
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The Trouble With Cats

The Trouble With Cats

written by: Sharon Waller Knutson


The trouble with cats
is you are a dog person
and there is a black kitten
peering through glass,
full moon eyes begging
to come in out of the cold.

He only weighs a pound
or two as you balance him
in the palm of your hand
and plop him in the shoe box,
planning to drop him off
at the humane society
in the morning, but he
has other plans and you
wake up wearing a fur hat.

Even when he is twenty
pounds of pure muscle,
he jumps on your chest,
purring you to sleep
and meowing you awake,
sprawls on your lap
and your computer desk
and you have to wrestle
the remote and mouse
from his firm grip
to change channels
and check your emails.

You name him Trouble,
but he is no
trouble at all.

The trouble with cats
is you fall in love
with them
and then they die.

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