On Halloween, poetry by Sharon Waller Knutson at Spillwords.com
Nika Benedictova

On Halloween

On Halloween

written by: Sharon Waller Knutson


The myths and tales
of black cats
being scalped
by Satan Worshipers
and boiled in cauldrons
by wicked witches
don’t worry my coal
colored frisky felines.

Big Foot, the Bombay,
picks the locks
and prowls
the neighborhood
like a burglar,
feet following
in the footsteps
of masked midgets.

Smoky, the Siamese.
slinks and sneaks
through the open
door as we hand
out sweets
and disappears
into the darkness
returning in the morning
hungry and haughty.

Bella, the Burmese,
arches her back
and fluffs up her tail
as she poses in the window
like a model at Macy’s
daring the devils and witches
staring through the glass
to harm a hair on her head.

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