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And We Made Love

And We Made Love

written by: Subhodeep Chakraborty


There was a time when,
There was day and there were nights
I had you in my arms and was
Having some beautiful sights.

You felt like a rose
A tiny, newborn, fresh as the morning sun
A rose that was meant to be young
Forever young, a beautiful rose.

Now I see the things I couldn’t before
Now I feel the essence I hadn’t before
How the poets write the beautiful rhymes
That express the beauty of some marvellous crimes.

Now I see the pity of stopped water
Now I feel the pain of fallen flower
I see them because you made me to
I feel them because I was meant to

When we wake up next to each other
Lying naked, having each other’s essence in ourselves
The morning sun covers us with its tender shine
And we make love, forever, together, in a gentle rhyme…

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