Night To Dawn, poetry written by S. Mitra at
Lee Scott

Night To Dawn

Night to Dawn

written by: S. Mitra


The descending night brings the lullaby-lingering……
Setting to the serene sweet slumber
Closed eyes, tranced while unheard voices whispering……
Wrapped in wings of sable
..the world darkens, deep.
Phosphenes produced in sleep…
Unsnarling the magic heap.

Subconscious to unconscious –
Dreams appear..
An incandescent illusion..
Of the warmth, wrath or maybe fear…..
Surpassing moments- endearing,
Of desperation, dread and desire
Embroiled in a canvas of colours
Like a raging, iridescent fire.

A syzygy- of feelings and the emotions..
That ..pierced hard…sometimes.
Awakening and kindling the unknown..
A sonorous jingle…chimes.
Energising the soul, liberating epiphany
But ephemeral….. again
In Aurora.. Arousal approaches
With an ignition from the deepest core.

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