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Love (the cliché)

written by: Rakind Kaur



I was born in love with nature
how that's possible I'm not too sure
I fell in love with my family
which is considered to be the norm
And as I grew
I loved more and more
music, food and talking
I fell in love with feelings
Sikhi and God
So much so in love
my only desire was
for world to create an opportunity
So I could be martyr like Chotte Sahibzade
But I guess waheguru decided
there was way more yet love
And thus my love grew
for knowledge, wisdom and childhood
I fell utterly in love with
that untainted innocence
one society so eagerly wants to rob
thus for first time of my consciousness
there came a thing I didn't love
But nature is kind
showed me how to love
even this horrid society
For I fell in love with my ancestors
Past civilization
and that one dew drop
which constantly refuses to give in
and become part of the ugly pond
and urges the entire pond
to become like itself
And so I fell in love
somehow someway
with everything there is
kind, brave, beautiful
mean, coward and hideous
Why, when or how
I neither know nor understand
All I know is it's peaceful
and life is content.

Rakind Kaur

Rakind Kaur

I'm an artistic soul that can't quite live without exploring all expects of art. I'd probably die painting in my garden. I've been that way since I was born. Passionately in love with nature, trying to find ways to express it. Poetry spills out with breath from me and I can't look at even trash without admiring its aesthetic. If you ever spot me anywhere, I promise you'll find me either laughing or lost in beauty that no one's yet spotted.
Rakind Kaur

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