Loving The Intrinsic, poem written by Norberto Franco Cisneros at Spillwords.com
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Loving The Intrinsic

Loving The Intrinsic

written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


Come cover me with taffeta blue
let the shine rub onto you
when joined with cotton the feel becomes joy
in its pure state

I love the touch of man-made materials
when I speak with my cello silence prevails
when cloth unites with the subtle texture of painted wood
the touch is overwhelming my heart becomes raucous

But When I play my cello silently
it groans in soft delights
the audience wiggles in their seats
heaven itself can’t contain the beauty of the subtle pianissimo

“Hush,” I said to the multitudes, and they became quiet
I played a blue cello; a golden muted trumpet accompanied me
we began with a melodic mezzo piano playing with restrained bird calls
softly the bird songs sat above lilting melodious notes

Notes that carry one forward into soulful ecstasy
long panoplies of chords flow like water into a placid lake
cellos then come to the fore filling out the symmetry of music
the full composition a luscious manna to the ears and soul

Chords flow to their beginning
returning to resolve to the tonic
to peaceful respite
to final rest

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