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written by: R. Bremner


Luck is in the stars;
visible when
you need it, it
pours down on you
if only you believe.

R. Bremner

R. Bremner

R. Bremner has written of incense, peppermints, and the color of time since the 1970s.. He appeared in 1979’s first issue of Passaic Review, the same issue which featured Allen Ginsberg. Please check out his books Hungry Words (Alien Buddha Press), Absurd (Cajun Mutt Press), Ektomorphic (Presa Press), Pencil Sketches (Clare Songbirds Publications), and Chambers (New Feral Press). He lives with his beautiful sociologist wife, brilliant son, and frisky Plott Hound in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, USA.
R. Bremner

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