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Nightmare #49 (Nubile ghosts dance wild and free)

Nightmare #49

(Nubile ghosts dance wild and free)

written by: written by: R. Bremner


Nubile ghosts dance wild and free
about the connubial bed of fire
throwing stones and cracking bones
of some animal long ago slain.
Their frenetic frenzy knows no bounds,
They seem oblivious to my presence
Oh no, they have spied me, I try to escape
but my feet have turned to stone!
Their fanatical fury spews intense heat on me
and their dance whips an insane lather
of spittle to cover me, suffocate me,
This is my shroud!

R. Bremner

R. Bremner

R. Bremner writes of incense, peppermints, and the color of time in such venues as International Poetry Review, Anthem: a Leonard Cohen Tribute Anthology, Poets Online, Jerry Jazz Musician, Paterson Poetry Review, Yellow Chair Review, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Peacock Journal, Oleander Review, Shot Glass Journal, Climate of Change: Sigmund Freud in Poetry, and others. He appeared in 1979’s first issue of Passaic Review, in which Allen Ginsberg also appeared. Ron has published six books of poetry with “outlaw” and small presses, including ABSURD (Cajun Mutt Press), and created 13 eBooks. He has thrice won Honorable Mention in the Allen Ginsberg awards. He has featured at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York’s East Village, and at the ANT Bookstore, Montclair Library, Paterson Poetry Festival, Paterson Library, Gallery U, Brownstone Poets, Creativity Caravan, and elsewhere. Ron lives in Northeast New Jersey with his beautiful sociologist wife, their son, and dog Ariel.
R. Bremner

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