If I... a poem written by Laura Hughes at Spillwords.com
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If I…

If I…

written by: Laura Hughes



If I give you my heart,
will you promise not to break it,
or would you lie to me from the start,
just so you can take it?

If I let down all of my walls,
will you promise to always stay,
or would you be their downfalls,
just so you can run away?

If I bare my soul to you,
will you promise to believe,
or would you just say you do,
only intending to deceive?

If I fall in love with you,
will you promise to break my fall,
or just let me fall through
without any intention at all…

All of these questions I ask,
because I have been here before,
so are you up to the task,
or should I show you the door?

Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes

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I am just your average person with a tendency to rhyme.
Laura Hughes

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