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Home Alone

written by: Gabrielle Schenkelberg


last night I shut all of the curtains
took off all of my clothes
and tip-toed through the living room
and turned the heat all the way up
to grandma-house temperature
then waltzed into my kitchen
with a snow-bunny white faux fur throw
wrapped around my shoulders
looking like an ice queen
or maybe more like King Joffrey
gold hair, red-faced, wicked-eyed
puffing for breath as I danced
and I let my shawl slip off my
slinky shoulders and let the white fur
be spoilt by the crumby kitchen floor
but it didn’t matter because
queens have more important things
to concern themselves with

Gabrielle Schenkelberg

Gabrielle Schenkelberg

Gabrielle Schenkelberg is a lover of nature, food, and words. She is currently a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying Secondary English Education. She believes instilling creativity in others is one of the best things in life.
Gabrielle Schenkelberg

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