Mama Liberia will Rise Again, poetry by Aloysius S. Harmon Jr at
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Mama Liberia will Rise Again

Mama Liberia will Rise Again

written by: Aloysius S. Harmon Jr


Droplets are speechlessly rolling off my cheek whenever I capture those painful memories.

In a skyclad attire,
You embraced scorching from your own children.

You were dragged from your relaxing pillow to many painful edges
Falls upon many, fights dispatched your glaring beauty.
Brothers and sisters knocked down your flying beauties,
And dimmed your great light of scenery.
Bravery pushed your hands and you waved your flag for freedom!
Your smiles are putting out dimples because you are not anymore a toy drum.
Oh! Mama Liberia,
Footages displayed your nakedness.
Your eye struggles from the cold-blooded fights.
Our Visions of Diamond cities are now seeing poorly.

Despite the maltreatment and mortification, we had left you,
Your heart still purified like your natural Waters.

Your atmosphere is colouring out the prettiness
And perfections aligned in your skies with greatness.

I sniff positivity from your bad smell.
It’s dawning gradually, I can feel that.

You will look over the height of giants,
Set your heart in patience for a while.

You will rise again Mama Liberia,
Your height and beauty won’t be recognized.
Snap your fingers constantly and listen as the clock ticks.

You are in labour with so many great things,
I can feel that.

Your appearance will fix the broken,
And purge the hearts of your opponent.

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