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Mere Inches

written by: Warren Alexander


When I was younger
I did not know
The shape of the world.
I knew it went past
The river and beyond
What I could recognize.
On the globe Europe touched home
Africa mere inches from
South America.
All the places no matter
The size marked with
Small black letters.
Spin it again and the oceans
And hills blurred
But that was the point.
Some names are different
The edges are different
The owners are different. Now.
I have stepped on some of the
Yellows and greens
Even stayed.
Fortunately there is still
Enviable doubt
Even after I leave.

Warren Alexander

Warren Alexander

MARCH 2019 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Warren Alexander was born and still lives in New York City. He was identified as a cynic by his kindergarten teacher, and he honed this quality under the tutelage of Thomas Keneally, Peter Carey, and E. L. Doctorow at NYU, where he received his MA in creative writing.
His satiric novel, Cousins’ Club, was a semi-finalist for 2017 BookLIfe Award for General Fiction. His work, Wrong Train, placed second for the 2016 Rick DeMarinis Short Story Award judged by Michael Matrone.
He is currently working on a satiric novel about business.
Warren Alexander

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