Mickey's Halloween, a poem written by Roger Turner at Spillwords.com

Mickey’s Halloween

Mickey’s Halloween

written by: Roger Turner



The trick or treater stood before me
Dressed like someone from a story
He was looking good but really gory
I knew just who he was

The blood looked real and really icky
I knew the kid, his name was Mickey
The dried blood it looked really sticky
He never said a word

Zombie like, he stood there staring
It was a fantastic costume he was wearing
I’m sure that most kids he was scaring
He held his bag up high

I reached behind to give him candy
The treats were close, I had them handy
I gave him chocolate, a bar called “Dandy”
He smiled and walked away

I watched him leave and said “good haunting”
I hope he gets all that he’s wanting
He looked at me, like I was taunting
He didn’t understand

Each year he goes out trick or treating
One year poor Mickey took a beating
While he was standing, and his candy eating
He’s never been the same

He’s 24 and no one cares
It’s not the same if he’s not there
He always comes and stands and stares
Mickey makes our Halloween

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