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written by: Ilka Scobie



Once upon a time, humans sacrificed trees
Cutting evergreens for solstice celebrations.
Festooned with factory produced glitter
Wooden pulp wrapped gifts, ceremoniously
displayed around the drying trunk.
After New Year, green carcasses lined the streets.
Brightly colored papers similarly disposed.

This is when people wore animal skins.

How naive our ancestors who believed
in limitless forest and eternal fauna.
Worshiping consumerism, we squandered nature
for the fantasy of virgin birth.



The image is by my husband Luigi Cazzaniga and is called Winter Waves.

Ilka Scobie

Ilka Scobie

I am a native New Yorker, a poet in residence in NYC schools and I also write about contemporary art.
Ilka Scobie

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