Mother! at



written by: Anahit Arustamyan



Mother! Do sing me the lullaby you sang! My blue veins and the blue clouds would collide to clang. Mother! Your soft voice would be a warm blanket all over my cold bed. You are asleep so let me sing myself. I know I shouldn’t disturb your rest. I still hear the church ringing its old bell. My ears miss the lullaby you sang. I know I shouldn’t disturb your rest. Mother! I can’t wrap my voice in a woolen rag. If you knew what smashed my wooden deck. Mother! I met a stranger who wasn’t a ghost on his horseback. He promised to mend whatever I found cracked. Mother! His steps and my veins will collide to clang. Mother! Will this stranger appear again? My cold bed is floating in this melancholic rain.

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