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Movie Star Crush

written by: Dianne Moritz


I’m simply mad for Cornel Wilde –
That face, physique! I am beguiled.
I’ve watched him on the silver screen.
I’m drawn to him in every scene.
Forget the Gables and Bogarts;
I’d swoon had Wilde played those parts.
For star appeal, he’s my first choice.
I love his charm, his style, his voice,
But even more… his sweet, sweet smile.
I’m crazy, mad for Cornel Wilde!

Dianne Moritz

Dianne Moritz

Dianne Moritz HAS worked as a retailer, psychometrist in a child guidance center, teacher, antiques dealer, and small business owner. She is now retired and enjoys writing children’s poetry and picture books from her home in Southampton, NY. Her next book, GOING ON A GHOST HUNT, will be released in fall 2022.
Dianne Moritz

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