A Beautiful Tree, a haiku by Robyn MacKinnon at Spillwords.com

A Beautiful Tree

written by: Robyn MacKinnon



A thunderstorm on

Christmas in the hospital

a beautiful tree



Illustration description: A dark background of vertical blue streaks, frame at the top of the image by darker, bluish clouds. The center of the image is split between a glowing, glittering pine tree and a figure in a bed with white sheets and pillow. All the shapes are simplified, looking like paper cutouts with drop shadows. The figure in the bed is simply a skin toned circle for a head, and a shape under the flat white covers. The words of the haiku sit over the head of the figure in white, cursive-style Caflisch Script Pro Light. Created in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Robyn MacKinnon

Robyn MacKinnon

I am mostly a visual artist, but I like to create "found poetry", specifically daily haiku made from the statuses of my Facebook friends. It was my Mom who started this, and officially passed the responsibility onto me when she became too busy.
Robyn MacKinnon

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