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written by: Criss Tripp



I have fallen, 

Discarded so sudden.

Far from home,

Lost and alone.

Abruptly so blindly,

It felt like a discrepancy.

A fantasy reversed into reality.

The darkness creeps up like sobriety.

Perverse, a turn for the worst;

Deserted to the earth like a jerk.

Wrongly accused, 

Banished and abused.

Refused to let loose,

In lieu of the truth.

Being sequestered will fester,

Render this checkered defector,

To the point of surrender forever.

Formerly a defender,

A protector with feathers.

At the end of December,

Is when I'm better remembered.

The conjecture is the non sequitur.

Though I'm not the first to be cursed,

Being thrown into the dirt was a perk.

What's odd, to say the least;

I did not flee or scream.

The final thing I seen,

Was a garnished tree, with green leaves.

If not for me,

then where would they be.

After all is said and done,

And the times come and passed.

I lay down here, fallen.

I can rest in peace at last.

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Criss Tripp

Criss Tripp

Fortifying the frontiers of fear,
I just want to disappear.
Commence the comments, with conquest for confidence.
Consequently without a sense, or scent of fermented consequences.
Criss Tripp

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