If I Leap, a poem by Makaila Aarin at Spillwords.com
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If I Leap

If I Leap

written by: Makaila Aarin



A deep, roaring river rushes below me.
Concrete bridge replaces familiar mulch trail.
Staring at the current’s strength, I want to leap.

Blue jays and robins carol, pines shake, I breathe,
picturing my love’s flushed cheeks turn pale, body frail.
A deep, roaring river rushes below me.

Between sheets, deprived of his warmth, I dream
of picnics and nature hikes before his heart failed.
Flesh craving ice and frostbite, I ought to leap.

I curse chemicals that couldn’t end his body’s
raging battle. I wish he’d catch me. I wail
as a deep, roaring river rushes below me.

Boulders, as heavy as love I couldn’t keep,
wait for me to hurtle over the metal rail.
Rolling waves summon me, I shall leap.

My wool coat and knitted cap won’t save me.
Water will prevail, steal each inhale.
A deep, roaring river rushes below me.
Feet wobble, unhinged on the edge, I leap.

Makaila Aarin

Makaila Aarin

Makaila Aarin works as an academic librarian in Mississippi where she lives with her three rescue dogs. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and master’s degrees in library science and education. Her poetry has appeared in Prismatica Magazine, Stone of Madness, GlitchWords, and other small presses. Her work is forthcoming in The Rainbow Poems and Sinister Wisdom.
Makaila Aarin

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