My First Born Son, a poem by Cocopops at
Rene Asmussen

My First Born Son

My First Born Son

written by: Cocopops



Of my blood, your heavenly birthday passes!!!!

One moment, you slipped away
The world I knew
No longer the same
A heart once whole
Shriveled to shrimp stew

Milky Way of solace
Darkened space, fills my view
Surrounded, complete nothing
The void, a Grand Canyon

Where used to be feelings
No thought can remember
Cast into confusion
Brain function extinct now

Pieces a floating
My being destroyed
Not a soul to amend me
No sight falls upon you

Love followed with you
Your existence, non existent
You’re important no longer
To all besides mother

The pain, excruciating
No words yet created
Rips as it shreds
Soul tattered into pieces

Empty vessel takes over
No substance to withhold
Falls through me like water
Hopefully seeing you later

Lifeless, ice cold now
Lay beneath a storm
What kind of a mother
Can’t protect what comes from her
No comfort and no warmth
Life here without you

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