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My Little Heart Beats

My little heart beats

written by: Charlie Bottle



Below your beating heart,

My little heart beats,

In cadence with yours,

As a syncopated drumbeat of love,

Someday, my love will magnify your love,

Becoming part of that great symphony,

Of myriads of singing souls and angels,

That glorify the goodness of God’s love.


My eyes see shadows of your world,

Through a veil that from me, hides the world,

Someday, with my eyes, will I see your world,

And see its beauty through your eyes,

And see love eclipsed by dark shadows,

And look beyond murky, human failings,

To see the vibrant splendor of empathy,

As people stipple hearts, they meet with love.


My inchoate hands jerk in the stillness,

May these guided by you in my infancy,

Someday move to help, as you have,

To feed the hungry, clothe the naked,

To help the needy, give water to the thirsty,

May these hands work, ignoring bigotry,

And with love and kindness bind,

The yearning hearts of all mankind.


May my feet not shun the dirty streets,

Nor the crowded slums and shanties,

For it is there, your heart lives,

Midst the oppressed and downtrodden,

In the heart and souls of the poor,

Is where, your love proves your love.

May your purpose, Love! Then be my purpose,

And, Your love move me to love humanity.

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