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My Own Sakura

written by: Joyce Butler



I will kiss your face with Cherry Blossoms as you sleep.
My own Sakura of Spring,
they see me weep.

From south to north
my blossom follows
all of your footprints.
In fourteen days my
buds open,
a carpet at your feet.

In my awakening,
my red crowned craven
of Okinawa.
Warm water currents -

Let us hold hands
and go, Hanami.

Plum Blossom
Two flowers opening
a pink river, blooming.

Japanese white eye,
pink mountains.

Joyce Butler

Joyce Butler

I'm 41 years old. Mother of 2 from Waterford, Ireland. I work full-time as a Clerical Officer. I love to write poetry, micropoetry and short stories when I have time.
I was shortlisted for the Atlantis Short Story Prize 2015 and I've written the first draft of a book.
Joyce Butler

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