Night Stalker, a poem written by Verona Jones at

Night Stalker

written by: Verona Jones



He could taste her rising fear
inexplicably tangible on the evening breeze.
Catching her scent as a hound
stalks his prey closer – ever so closer.

Thinned lips part, revealing
wet glistening teeth – a caricature
of a grin without any of its warmth,
predatory in its mirthless grimness.

He pounced quietly with talon hand
when she stops suddenly looking furtively,
and he savors the silent trembles of her lithe body,
nuzzling silken softness akin to a lover’s kiss.

His sharp teeth pierce her tender skin,
and her hot salty life’s blood erupts
filling his mouth with her energy,
while under his hand he feels the slowing tempo.

One last faltering hesitant beat her heart gives
and she folds limply into his arms.
Flashing blood stained fangs
He bales his triumph to the silver moon.

The beast withdraws satiated, fulfilled
as he recoils unto itself in slumber.
Dreaming of its next nocturnal victim,
when full once more the moon glows crimson.

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