My Pride, a poem written by John Anari at
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My Pride

My Pride

written by: John Anari



With my swings and blings
I stand out in bright colors
Not caring about who sees
As I dare to be the right me
Not your bride, but my pride

In my shorts and shirts
Clean and gay in looks
Sweet and plum, a fruit
The fragrance of smooth
Not your bride, but my pride

Curls and cuts form my crown
Paddy-cure and manny for nails
Talc and gloss for face mask
Leaving the crowd stunned
Not your bride, but my pride

Glitters and shimmers for dress
Sparkling all over my beard
A smile that makes you doubt
Voice of heaven makes you pout
Not your bride, but my pride

Neatness and meekness
All in one cute bag of bones
Walks that excite the talks
Unable to fathom his aura
Not your bride, but my pride

Man of beauty and weakness
Combining in wonder of one
Grace of a princess and roy
Flicks of his wrists is magic
Not your bride, but my pride

To be free like the flag
The rainbow in one big bow
Being myself in every way now
I do not live for you, save me
Not your bride, but my pride

Forgetting the past of pester
Living for the next and dexter
Open arms in beckon for love
For the tide I wait to ride
Not your bride, but my pride.

John Anari

John Anari

John Anari is an Enthusiast and Lover of Fiction. An Undergraduate student. A Certified Mental Health First Aider, hails from Abi Local Government Area of Cross river state. He resides in Lagos State. He is a budding writer. He loves singing, reading and ultimately, writing. He has written a few short stories which have not been published. He's also a Child Creativity Advocate with weekly posts on Facebook. An amazing Children story writer who fancies himself a Didactician. He also dabbles in Poetry, whenever inspiration hits.
John Anari

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