My Soul Is A Warrior, poetry by Jamie Lynn Martin at

My Soul Is A Warrior

My Soul Is A Warrior

written by: Jamie Lynn Martin


My soul has died a thousand deaths,
but will never deny the chance to try again.
It lives beyond the lines,
drawn by fear to cage its lust for magic.
It feeds on faith and dreams,
searching for the sparkle inside each scar.
Broken can not conquer its need to feel,
even if feeling is pain.
My soul is a warrior,
readied for the rain if it leads me to the sun.



This piece is very special to me because I have always been afraid to try out of fear of being rejected or not feeling good enough. After the painful passing of my mother a few years ago to cancer, I decided I wanted to start writing my book in dedication to her memory. I realized how short life is and I no longer wanted to allow the fear to hold me back from achieving my dreams. I know somedays I may fall, I may not always succeed, but I will never stop trying to find my sparkle.

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