My Suicide Note, a poem by Adrian David at

My Suicide Note

My Suicide Note

written by: Adrian David


Dear everyone,

I’m writing to all of you with a heavy heart.
My life is at a standstill.
Darkness has engulfed my being,
not a ray of hope is in sight.
My very existence is in peril.
I’ve decided to leave this world,
once and for all.
Most of you didn’t care about me.
You never understood my worth.
Yes, each and every one of you.
When I came into this world,
you welcomed, celebrated,
and adored me.
As time passed,
you neglected, abused,
and threatened me.
Only when I’m gone,
you’ll appreciate my value.
Don’t mourn my demise
or shed tears.
Because when I existed,
you never bothered.
Now, I’m crestfallen.
My soul is in tatters,
my heart has been ripped apart.
I am not meant for this world.
Where I never really belonged
and was treated as an outcast.
Truth be told,
this isn’t the right place for me.
I can’t live any longer
amid these terrible times.
I’m leaving this world
that never accepted me
and failed me miserably.
Goodbye to all of you.
Farewell forever!




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