Inferno, a poem by Carmen Frech Oliveri at
Abhijit Sinha



written by: Carmen Frech Oliveri


Sword on the side,
my soul in armor.

I wait for you,
in black clouds.

The cold
like an iron
in my pharynx.

I lift my arms.

Your temples
on my rugs.

I smile.

Your beautiful windows,
close their curtains.

I observe.

The gerbera flower
of inferno,
It’s bow.

Carmen Frech Oliveri

Carmen Frech Oliveri

“My soul was a naked bird, over the trees, it smiled in silence.”
I am happy to rejoin the world of poetry, after so many years of silence. We all know that a little bit of ourselves lives and breathes in every single written word. Thank you kindly for reading.
Carmen Frech Oliveri

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