The Obscene Mug, a poem by Peggy Gerber at

The Obscene Mug

The Obscene Mug

written by: Peggy Gerber


I sip my morning coffee from an enormous mug,
green as a freshly cut Christmas tree,
its huge black letters boldly questioning,
“How the $%@*& did I get to be 50?”
A gift from my funny daughter
for a very special birthday.

A melancholy smile lights up my face
as I gaze at this whimsical reminder
of how time has passed as a dream.
Leaving me with an empty nest, creaky knees
and the realization that I am getting old.
Fifty years gone, poof, just like that.

Time is the sneak thief of our existence,
robbing us of our childhood, our youth,
a kleptomaniac stealing away our lives
bit by bit.
Never satisfied.

I have sipped from this philosophical mug now for a decade.
Where the @$&#* did those ten years go?
Oh, to be fifty again.

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