Homegrown, poetry written by Sheila Henry at Spillwords.com
Andy Feliciotti



written by: Sheila Henry



They shout hatred as blood flows
through veins full of rage and madness
they fly the red white and blue
as lunatic rogues at the helm
rouse and incite flames of dormant lunacy
to claim a nation from under its democracy

well thought out? it seems not
but well suited for a carnival of insanity
for the whole world to see.

Insurrection!! shouts the Left
not so fast says the Right
let’s pretend this never was

What’s a nation to do?
these aren’t foreign dissidents
penetrated unto our soil
but a homegrown bunch empowered
with guns, might, and rights too
this creates far more danger
than ISIS could ever do.

How can it be; this country we love
harboring a homegrown enemy
defined in terror under
the guise of the flag
and rights to Amendment Two

an entity if left to grow
shall cut off the neck of a country
once powerful and strong
now divided unto itself in two

an era that will fester like an open sore
if not soon put back together

will live with chaos for ever more
bring shame to a nation once highly exalted
why risk that—now or ever?

Let’s not forget how the world sees us matters
Let’s aim for humanity not disparity.

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