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New Day

written by: Steve Pearson



We have to believe in the dawn of day
box fresh new
with promise in its breaking,
yesterday's spills and stains
to the basket thrown.
wonder what the day can bring.
catch it by the tail and
ride a wonderful life
never flying low,
unsoiled by leaden hearts
feeling a day like a drug
dragging joy around our pipes.

The day.
Like a world within our hands
waiting for us,
waiting for what we will,
wherever we will take it,
whatever we make of it.
See the day like a flower
in the moment before
the blooming hour,
before we see its colour
bright and clear rising to our eyes.
We have to believe in the dawn of day.



A new day can be like a rebirth. Whatever happened yesterday is just a page in an unwritten history book and today might be the chance to see life differently, to start again. We have to believe in the dawn of day.

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Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson

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That's me at the front of the photo. I'm an atheist, socialist, humanist, poet and soon to be novelist. From here to there and a lot of shit in the middle. That's life.
Steve Pearson

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